Kanozik Light Organ

Invention, Design, and Light Programming by Nick Kanozik. Further design and Fabrication by Jordan Scott. Since it’s creation in 2016, the Light Organ has been installed at five events, including the premiere of works by Kennedy Center's Artist in Resident and Grammy winner Mason Bates, shows by students promoting multi-sensory collaborations, an Oakland arts festival, it has played itself as a sound art installation, and the instrument can briefly be seen on the Netflix documentary "The Creative Brain" hosted by Neuroscientist David Eagleman.

Hand Crafted by Jordan Scott

Bill Evans

Chopin Etude

Mason Bates Scriabin Prelude

for Player Light Organ 

Scriabin Etude No. 1

Chopin Op. 25 No. 12 "Ocean"

Color Tuning Up To The 16th Partial

Email nickkanozik@gmail.com with summation of design request along with a price range.

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Historical Background

Commissions / Collaborations / Performance 

Designed by Nick Kanozik

© 2015