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Euclid's Piano (Prototype)

4’’x4’’ ea 

Sonically Minded Books Manifesto


Sonically Minded Books Manifesto

We must break the conception that books are silent. We flick pages, we rub corners, we tap spines, we caress covers, we fold, we rip…each action, a sound. By promoting discussion that traverses music and book art we develop tangible venues, instruments with pages, artifactual modulations, etc. Let us create books that strengthen content through integration of sight, sound, and touch.


We must break the conception that music is intangible or invisible. we feel the vibration, the pulse, and meter. So too touch is integral to any musical instrument. To those that see landscapes of objects, shapes, colors, or lines it is time to creat your lexicon. Contribute to the creation and cultivation of a genre. And concern yourself with a book which


I. activates an internal sound when manipulated.
II. activates an external sound when manipulated.
III. can be performed as an instrument.
IV. implies sound through sonic metaphor, text, image, or symbols.
V. is read like a score in three dimensions.
VI. always makes sound.


Let us not compete with technological advancements and instead utilize them in artist books as a means to augment the vocabulary of sonic, visual, and tactile cues. Partner with the similarities and, most importantly, emphasize the differences. Be assured, there is no end in sight for the sentimental, the nuance, the feel. Let us make circuits with spines, amplified folios, sonic book sculptures, synthesizer books, three dimensional scores….


Does the sound of your book support the content? In what ways can you dictate how a book is to be performed? How would you describe the temporal experience of a dictionary versus a novel? How long does it take to read your book? Does your book create suspense? How can the suspense of your content be mimicked with the pacing of your book? Is the pacing of your book consistent? In what ways can you diminish time? In what ways can you augment time? It what ways does the pacing of your book affect the content? What does the paper sound like? How many textures are you choosing to develop? How loud is your book? How quiet is your book? What material is the solo voice? What is the dynamic range of you book?

Letterpressed Stroop Test (2013; Letterpressed) 22’’x10’’ 

Meet Your Genius

“Ignite your passion. Cultivate aspects which come from you. Allot time. Uncover a niche.

Document, share, reflect, and repeat. Meet your genius."


Remember: dwelling on ones' potential has little to do with achieving it.

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