Vessel (2011 - Present)


Vessel is a system for musical composition

expressed through theater that celebrates color theory. Inspired by stories of alchemist’s laboratories, Vessel operates in the presentation of color organs, a full orchestra, boxes, jars, and inks extending philosophies shared by Arnold Schoenberg, Johannes Itten, Wassily Kandinsky, Alexander Scriabin, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Di Vinci, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, among others.


Utilizing color as a driving force in a sonic work has been a fascination of composers for centuries. Vessel shares a portion of this puzzle.


Each iteration centers around a conductor who establishes inseparable visual and sonic material to bring the objects to life while enticing the curiosity of an audience.













I. Posology (Master’s Thesis)

3 Celli | 2 Double Bass | 3 Percussionists

3 Conductors | Organ 

Violin | Piano | Zither | Narrator

8 Jars | 5 Boxes

+ March 15 2012 Signal Flow Festival, Mills College Chapel


Crystal Pascucci – Cello
Kimberly Sutton – Cello
Shanna Sordahl – Cello
Edward Stumpp – Double Bass
Jason Hoopes – Double Bass
Tim Black – Bass Drum/Glockenspiel/Cymbal
Robert Lopez – Bass Drum/Vibraphone/Cymbal
Lydia Matrin – Glockenspiel/Gongs/Woodblock
Rachel Condry – Bass Clarinet
Nick Kanozik – ‘The First’/Zither/Piano/Organ
Rachel Trapp – Narration
Ryan Smith – ‘The Third’
Mia Bella D’Augelli – ‘The Second’/Violin
Lights – Aaron Openhiem
Video 1 – Evan Bogunia
Video 2 – Chris Luna

II. The Teller 11’
Saxophone | Violin | Drum Set | Conductor
7 Boxes

+ Oct 27 2013 Klangfarbenatrix, Berkeley Arts Festival Berkeley, CA


Conductor - Nick Kanozik

Violin - Ela Polak

Saxophones - Josh Marshall

Percussion - Robert Lopez






Color Organ Tuning In Progress ... 

I. Watercolor Organ

II. Pigment Organ



Iron Oxide




Lapis Lazuli


Bone Black

Titanium White



Light Organ

Designed by Nick Kanozik and built by Jordan Scott for works presented at Mercury Soul's "Prismatic: The Color of Sound" at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco Feb 23rd, 2018


  • Intro Light Installation

  • Immunoglobulin for Chamber Orchestra

  • "Light Organ" by Mason Bates

  • Chopin Op. 25 No. 12 in C minor

  • Scriabin Op. 11 No. 14 for Strings and Winds and Light Organ Arr. Mason Bates

  • Scriabin Op. 8 No. 3 for Strings and Winds and Light Organ Arr. Mason Bates


Commissions / Collaborations / Performance 

Designed by Nick Kanozik

© 2015