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Folio (2014)

Three dancers, gong, conductor




Volume I: Light For this circuit, two photoresistors and a C74C14 chip turn light into sound. Very subtle gestures and movements that cast shadows upon the photoresistors can produce wavering and harmonic oscillations. When this circuit detects bright sunlight it’s pitches are incredibly high – beyond the range of human hearing. When shadows are cast upon this circuit, its tones enter the realm of human hearing and turn movement and light into twinkling sequences of analog enlightenment.


Volume II: PulseBuilt with a CD4093 chip, this circuit drives two oscillators that may be controlled in terms of pitch, tempo, and volume. This synth can generate a full spectrum of flanging drones, phasing polyrhythms, and rhythmic pulses. Meant to be played, and performed with, this synth is intended for use in the exploration of the otherworldly sonic worlds. Touch, twist, and modulate the invisible waves that surround you.


Volume III: TouchBased upon two LM386N chips, this circuit generates beautiful oscillating white noise that responds to atmospheric electromagnetic waves. This circuit is the unique result of experiments with white noise, feedback, and skin capacitance. When touched, conductive pads diffuse electricity through the skin to create a palette of “fierce” sounds. Applying full pressure to both pads shorts the circuit. However, by applying very delicate pressure, this circuit produces harmonic sirens, fierce bobcat tones, and polyrhythmic clicks and pulses. To generate a variety of sounds it is necessary to apply the most subtle touch, just the right amount of energy…

Covenants Not to Compete VL. I, II, and III (2012)

Created by Nick Kanozik and Taurin Barrera



Dedicated to the fond memories spent untangling the catalog of an international law firm library. These volumes were sculpted into performative art objects by embedding prepared music chimes, contact mics, and circuitry provided by Taurin. This work elicits a pact with visual and sonic artforms in a way similar to the text’s function in law: a covenant not to compete.

At ArtMod 2013 Mills College

At Adobe Books 2013 San Francisco 

The Phlegmatic (2012) 5”x3”x2.5”

Synthesizor Book

Created by Nick Kanozik and Nick Wang


Presented at a "Sonically Minded Book" lecture at Mills College. The circuit uses two 555 oscillators and a single transistor vca. The two oscillators are built using 555 timer ic's with photoresistors added to add an element of light sensitivity to the oscillators' respective pitch content and switching rate. the r-c low pass filter before the output also uses a photoresistor to further alter the light sensitivity of the electronics. when building the circuit, I wanted to ensure a good variety of behaviors given different ambient light conditions.

Moment Structure (2011 - 2012)

Nick Kanozik and Brandon Rolle

With Torreyanna Barley (2012 -  )

Comming Soon!

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